Benefits of Pilates

The aim of Pilates is to strengthen and tone the muscles of the body, specifically targeting the muscles involved in posture which will lead to many benefits.

As these postural muscles strengthen you will find your posture improves. As your posture improves the risk of an overuse injury in the back decreases.

The Pilates program is also an excellent program to follow if returning from a back injury as it activates the muscles that have been previously inhibited by pain.

Pilates will improve your sport performance and your general well being.

The exercise program is based on the principles of concentration, breathing, and control.

Attending a Physio led Pilates class means you will experience a high level of individual attention as the classes are small (12 maximum) and presented by a qualified chartered physiotherapist – the leaders in back care!

Above all, Pilates is fun and rewarding in a class set-up, so come along and experience the benefits for yourself!