Our classes are suitable for all abilities. They are fun and can be challenging with participants encouraging one another and sharing a laugh! Each class has a maximum of 12 people allowing the instructor to correct and help each individual. Lasting 60 minutes each class includes some form of relaxation which is always popular. The beginners learn the principles of good posture and stability, the exercises are progressed to improve mobility and strength. In the more advanced classes the whole body is challenged, toned and strengthened. Throughout the classes the emphasis is on achieving a strong central core with good body posture leading to safe and effective exercise. As a beginner you will enrol for a 6 week series of classes. On completion you will be able to register for further sets of classes as an Intermediate and then move on to the Advanced classes if you wish or maybe you will be happy enough to stay as an Intermediate. Each set of classes (usually lasting 6 weeks) is paid for at the first class. If you choose to do this you will be given a discount. If you are unsure about enrolling for the full set of 6 you may pay separately for each class. Please appreciate that spaces are limited and this will reserve your place for the set – in the event that you are unable to attend there will be no refund or transfer of money to another set of classes. Contact us for further information

Private Sessions

We have a number of instructors available to hold one to one sessions or one to two sessions with a friend. The 60 minute session is tailored to suit your ability and objectives. Private sessions are also available if you wish to have a consultation before joining a set of classes or if you would like a try a range of exercises to see if Pilates is for you. Semi – Private Class (small groups)- price on request.