“The classes are fun and friendly with the highest teaching standards. I can relax in the knowledge that the exercise is
safe and beneficial”
Susie Turner, Crumlin

“An essential element of life that has been gratefully boosted. Thank you Blackstone for introducing me to Pilates!”
Margaret Irvine, Ballinderry

“Oh how we really love it. This is our weekly lifeline”
Isabel Orr, Portadown

“Now I feel stronger and fitter. The exercises give you a new awareness of your body and its capabilities. Most
importantly, the classes are relaxing and fun and I feel good for the rest of the week”
Nicola Waddington, Moira

“It’s great! My back which ached for years, has not given me any trouble since I began pilates. I don’t like to think of how stiff and sore I’d be if I hadn’t tried it. I know that by continuing, I will enjoy a healthier lifestyle in the long term”
Trish Nevill, Hillborough